An exclusive group of 13 individuals who will be forever known as the Foundation 13 who led the way in launching the Wests Tigers Foundation and the success that comes from it.
There are only 13 exclusive spots available in this group. They will be recognised and acknowledged for their contribution and the difference it will make to this club.
The donation for this group is a tax-deductible $100,000 for a life time of involvement.
This donation  can be made in pairs and payment plans up to four (4) years are available


The second-tier coterie group for the Wests Tigers Foundation is the Heroes group, where we recognise and acknowledge the first 100 people to sign up and forever be known as a Hero who supported the club toward sustainable success.
For a once-off tax-deductible donation of $2,018 this group will be recognized and acknowledged as the members and fans who made a difference for the club when needed.


The Wests Tigers Foundation also provides avenues for Future Giving through the Legacy Club. By including the Wests Tigers in your will, you will ensure your legacy will live on through the success of the club. All future givers and their families will be recognized and acknowledged for their kind and significant contribution to the club.